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our ministry

“I want a studio with a ‘client first’ outlook, serving hearts, working hard to meet my

needs, providing good information to help me make good decisions.”

Who is Master's Image?

Master’s Image is an audio recording studio, Christian owned and operated. We offer professional, musical engineering by uniquely people-oriented folks who whose desire is to glorify God in both our quality of product and our service to you.

As you'll learn in our Mission Statement, the foregoing statement has much to do with who we are. Give it a good looking over; our hope is it will clarify things greatly. And while you're there, you may want to peruse the Brief History of the Studio, the Studio Specifications, etc. If any of these raises questions, feel free to contact us.

Master's Image is also a studio with a high standard in audio excellence. We invest in technology where we are convinced it really matters, and generally avoid expensive frills that offer little tangible benefit to the quality of our finished product or your experience recording with us. That doesn’t mean we are a low-budget studio. On the contrary, we simply invest where it advances product quality sufficiently to merit the investment. We are thereby able to offer extremely high quality recording at a modest price point.

Finally, Master's Image offers our professional recording capabilities in a relaxed, comfortable environment to help you create your best recording.

About this site

As we created this website, we assume many visitors will have never recorded before. If this describes you, we hope you find here a treasure-trove of information to answer many of your questions, make the process less intimidating, and help you with your project even if you don’t record with us.

Other visitors will have much more experience in recording. You may have specific questions about the technical process or about Master's Image in particular. We intend for you to find useful information here to help you in your quest, as well.

But to any of you, if the site raises more questions than it answers, or if your particular question isn't answered, don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Simple questions and answers are easily handled in the contact form. For more complex or general questions, it might be fastest to call us at 563-582-0700.

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