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Audio Samples

Our studio offers state-of-the-art audio restoration services for all types of recordings. We can restore or remaster your old recordings for significant noise reduction and sound enhancement.

Professional Equipment and Professional Service.

Restoration Samples

Below are pairs of files in various sections to show you what our restoration tools are capable of in real-world examples. Not all recordings work equally well with every tool. This is why we have so many restoration tools at our disposal. Also, some recordings simply respond better in general than others. Results always vary — some better, some not as good. We can’t guarantee you results equivalent to the following, but we’ll get as close as our tools — and your budget — allow.


The original tracks in each pair are untouched other than to carefully adjust the volume to the point where the program content levels in before and after clips are very nearly the same. If there are any other changes, they will be noted. This will afford you with the best comparison possible. You can more clearly hear an accurate comparison.

Live event, hum and noise.

The following sample pairs are from an Easter 2013 worship celebration sponsored by Hope Evangelical Free Church in Dubuque, IA. The audio track of the video recording contained an obnoxious near-steady state noise, which the assembled congregation was fortunate enough not to hear. Please note Master's Image did not assist in the audio recording of this service. We did provide the cleanup detailing afterwards.

Clip 1 Introduction:

This first clip pair reveals a nasty noise lurking under the music, poised to render the quieter passages to come in the service unbearable. Notice in this first pair how the audio restoration processes remove the noise in the "After" sample without damaging the music noticeably. At the point where the program transitions to speech, with the music fading out, the noise squirmed a bit in frequency, making it harder for that restoration algorithm to keep the noise pinned to the mat, so to speak. We switched to a different algorithm at this point better suited to the speech portion of the service. If you listen very closely, you can detect a very small, telltale trace of the noise as it squirms in frequency, and as the new algorithm honed in. With more time and a higher cost even this trace of noise might have been reduced further, but we felt this fleeting residual noise would be preferred by our client to the increased cost required to render the noise inaudible. And we still think so, but on your restoration project feel free to guide us as you wish.

Clip 2 Introduction:

In addition to the hum — more bothersome now since the pastor is softer in level than the music was — this clip introduces a new problem scattered intermittently throughout the recording: short static-like ticks. The stronger one occurs about 8s in, on the word “had" and the other is right after the word “lying.” Neither is any match for our laser-targetted, pigeon-toed tick remover!

Clip 3 Introduction:

With this clip, the full extent of the devastation is realized, as the pastor’s voice softens to levels that at moments become unintelligible in the din. Such situations are unrecoverable disasters for consumer level restoration tools, but ours manages to stay the course. You may notice a slightly 3-dimensional, almost reverberant sound to the pastor’s voice. This is an artifact of this particular restoration tool when really intense situations, as this one was. There is no question that this artifact, while noticeable now that we’ve pointed it out, is much less bothersome than the noise extracted.  


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