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By Master's Image, Jul 17 2014 01:35PM

Certainly — in any amount you wish! Each certificate needs to be used in full within a year of purchase, sessions must comply with our Mission Statement. Gift certificates are fully refundable for the first 30 days only, and are not transferrable. The value of the gift certificate can be applied to multiple services over multiple sessions until its value is depleted.

By Master's Image, Jul 17 2014 01:27PM

Yes we do, and it applies to all genres. Many studios have similar policies, causing them to avoid recording songs with lyrics that would generate what the RIAA calls a “Parental Advisery”.

Unlike some studios, we do not derive our policy from the RIAA’s position, which could change. Our policy stems from our Mission Statement, [internal link] in which we clearly state that lyrics must be “family friendly” or in effect G-rated.

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