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By Master's Image, Jul 21 2014 05:36PM

It can be eyeopening to think about the temporary nature of our present media in the light of recent history. “The CDs we buy today, if well cared for, should be playable for 100s of years.” Maybe so. But what of the players? Will they still be made?

Where are the record players that not so long ago appeared in most every American house that could play LPs, 45s, shellac 78s, and transcription records? Where are the reel-to-reel tape decks so plentiful in the 60s, and the 8-track players of the 70s, both obsoleted by the cassette by 1980? And now, even the cassette player is getting harder to find.

And much of that old media has actually survived pretty well, even with the years, and dust, and hot attics, and sometimes careless handling. They still more-or-less faithfully preserve what was long ago imbedded in their shellac, tape or vinyl surfaces. It’s just that in so many cases they can’t be enjoyed because the playback system is missing.

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