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The quality of a recording chain — mics to preamps to converters — is 1 of 2 critical components when it comes to recording. It is said that the recording chain is only as good as its weakest link. It must be clean and quiet, adding no colorations of its own, unless those are specifically desirable for a particular sound. We believe the recording chain here is up to any challenge you might bring us.

Record in Studio...

We offer full CD and demo recording in a comfortable, non-threatening studio

environment. This setting usually offers the best mix of cost management, flexibility

and control. If you’re from out of the area, we can help you find accommodations.

We will follow, lead, or collaborate with you so you achieve the results you want. Your Music. Your way. At its best. That’s our ministry.

...or on location

If you feel another location is more suitable for your project, we can come to your home, church, school or stage for your rehearsal, performance or conference and

record you there. 1 to 24 tracks, all pro gear, all the time. Music or spoken word. We can even offer sound reinforcement services.

Professional equipment for professional services: See our studio services for details

Your Music Is Our Ministry


Mixing & Editing

All our mixing and editing occurs within our state-of-the-art DAW (digital audio

workstation). Your audio will only take brief excursions to the analog realm when it is advantageous. And of course trying to mix and edit without an array of pristine, beyond-audiophile studio monitors, honestly revealing what’s really there in our mix would be unthinkable. So since we thought of it, no worries!


Coming soon ...


Coming soon ...

Studio-Services-01 Studio-Services-02 Recording Mixing & Editing Mastering Replication


Mixing multiple tracks over multiple songs comprised of multiple takes: the complexity of a mixing session can rise quickly and dramatically. But with careful mixing and editing, so too does the impact of your music rise dramatically.


Editing multiple takes across multiple tracks into a seamless whole can be a challenging and tedious task. We like challenges! The goal: get to the point where, even though you know the edits are in there somewhere, you can’t hear them happen.

Another set of challenges occurs when editing the spoken word for time and content. The challenge here is to reduce the content to where it fits within the required timeframe while not losing the “irreducible minimum” and the heart and core of the message. And — oh yeah — you mustn’t be able to hear these edits either. Again, we like challenges!

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